Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Only a month away

We are almost only a month from the departure date... it is time to start doing something about it. ;-)
I'm starting worrying about my digital camera, how to add a solar filter to its nice and damned moving and protruding zoom. It seem i have to do something really difficult for me... some precision manual work. I hope some of my club mates will at least tell me how to do it.
I will bring at most two instruments with me, my binocular (a 10x50 Pentax) and my Panasonic digital camera (i bought it some months ago just for this trip!).
The camera raises another logistic problem, it has rechargeable batteries (and, at the moment i have two of them) but there will be three of us in our cabin during the cruise and (i think) only one outlet... it may become quite a bottleneck, i'm thinking about buying another battery... and have them full charged before boarding the ship.

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