Friday, 10 July 2009

Almost real

Now it is (almost) real, i'm going to see the 2009 total eclipse south of Japan.
Ok, i've already booked (and payed) the trip, but asking the days off from work for it has more of a "definitive" taste... even a little more than paying the last bits. :-)
Just to summarize the trip:
  • Departure from Italy on Saturday 2009.0711 .
  • Arriving on Beijing (China) via Hong Kong (China).
  • Visiting Beijing, the Great Wall, the Clay Army and Shanghai (China).
  • The cruise: visiting Jeyu (South Korea), Fukuoka (Japan), Nagasaki (Japan) and Kagoshima (Japan), seeing the full eclipse on 2009.0722 and then back to Shanghai.
  • Flying to Hong Kong
  • Visiting Hong Kong
  • Return in Italy on saturday 2009.0725 .

1 comment:

  1. WOW! Time flies! It was already more than 2 years ago! I still go back to check the photos you took! Fantastic!