Friday, 10 July 2009

Slacking off

I've slacked off, not only with this log but also with the arrangements for the trip, sorry, this is lazy me.
There are a couple news, now i know exactly when and where i will depart: 09:00 on 11/7 from Linate airport. Linate , thanks God, departing from Malpensa would have been a logistic nightmare, not that Linate will be easy, but surely some 50 km less to go are something ;-)
I'm going outside EU, so i will have to pass security check anyway, but i'm wondering if the suspendend Shengen treaty (people coming from / going to others EU country are going to be checked too as a security measure for the impending G8 meeting) will impact on the time i will have to spend in security checks.
I still don't have a case but in a few days i will solve that.
I've even done some shopping (i'm a lousy shopper, usually indecisive and full of afterthoughts ), more or less related with the trip: a watch, a third battery and another memory card for my hungry digital camera, light trekking shoes and some new clothes.

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