Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I got it, Google!

Just a question to everyone reading this... how many times were you harassed informed by Google about the new privacy policies ?
Ok, they have to be sure that everybody would read and get them before the change on March 1 (almost a full month before they stop...). So on every combination of device, Google service and even browser you use you are going to be gently informed about those changes.
And if like me  you use several of those combinations and/or you don't accept cookies this will end in a message flood. So it's mostly my fault and i know it, but who don't like to rant a little ?

1 comment:

  1. Qt, so true on the spamming. Perhaps a link to a message posted on the main pages could be an option. If we don't click it then it's our responsibility for not being informed. The way it was done was a bit annoying! Great to see you posting again! :)