Saturday, 21 December 2013

Choking to death

It seems that Saturdays are favorable to writing, so here we go again with "Chocking to death".

No copyright infringement intended.

It is all Ron's fault, as usual, i'm chocking to death and it is all his fault!

It all started when we were dating, Molly and my mother became friends, good friends. It's funny to note that it was born from Molly's interest for the muggle world and its working.   After watching her kids spending more and more time there and even having one of them probably going to marry a muggleborn like me she needed to know more, a lot more about us, especially about the practicalities of everyday life. She never asked her husband as she knew that Arthur was more obsessed about muggles than a real expert and wanting a more reliable source she turned to my mother.

They started small, mostly having tea or lunch at my parents' home then visiting muggle London with the excuse of tea or lunch.  After a while Molly was able to venture there alone, using public transport to go where no safe apparition points were available.
Following our breakup they didn't let their friendship die (me and Ron staying friends helped too) and they still love to spend their free time together, something Molly has plenty of now that most of her children left the Burrow.

And that bring me to my current impending death: i'm here in my flat, laying on the floor and chocking to death while on the phone with my mother. She just told me about the last muggle question Molly had for her, it was about some creature muggles get answers for every question they have and for that it should be a magical creature she noted, reminding her about sphinxes, even if only by contrast and wondering how it keeps its nature hidden. I got curious and asked my mother if Molly knew its name and the answer that she know the name but not the species, and the name was Google.

Ok, maybe it would work even without the hints about their failed relationship, but i really can't do that ;-)

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  1. Very good rhythm in crafting the plot. Fun twist at the end. Good sentence patterns, fluid language and high lexical variety! Great job!