Sunday, 18 January 2015

A gratuitous carrot throw

Old big trees on both sides of the street gave me relief from the hot sun of this summer end that is able to make the humidity of this park sticky.
Just a few steps before i passed one of the inner gates of the park and the difference is very noticeable, here the trees are way higher and older, several decades older.
I'm just taking a walk and strolling at a leisure pace on the left side of the road. Sometimes it's like there is someone silently walking on my left but there is no one i can see.
I often look down, sometimes to avoid a fallen leaf sometimes to purposely crush one under my feet and unexpectedly i notice a carrot, a big, long and dirty carrot laying just a couple step before me.
I grab it and wonder why it is there, maybe it was intended for one of the horses of the coaches you can rent at the entrance.
Having no use for it i gratuitously throw it across the road. But while i was lost in the imagine of a carrot eating horse something happened, a little light green cheap car is coming toward me and the carrot i threw ends under one of the front wheels.
There is a cracking noise when the carrot breaks under it and then the screeching of the car swaying left and right, the frantic movement of the driver trying to regain control of its direction.  With a turn on the right he avoid one of the trees on his side of the road but then, as if scared by one of the trees on my side he abruptly turn on his left and can't do nothing more than crashing on the wall on the side of the gate.
After a few seconds of shocked stillness i run to the car and there is no doubt that the driver is dead, his torso crushed by the impact on the wheel and several wounds from the shattered windshield.
Then something else grab my attention, a little piece of paper that is gently resting on the passenger seat, almost unperturbed by the wreck.
I can't stop myself from reading it:

     No one know what you did and no one ever will, now what will you do ?
       1) You run away and try to forget what happened here
       2) You call the 911 and tell them there was just a car crash
       3) You call the 911 and tell them what really happened

I consider those three choices for a long time while turning around to check the trees around me. If no one saw me who wrote this note ? Why i had and still have this feeling of someone walking by my side. Where did this bastard go ?

At this point with this unsolved big question i awoke from my dream and went around for a couple days with this nasty anxiety keeping my breath a little short.
This pieces comes from two inspiration: a dream i had a few days ago and a word of the day, gratuitous in this case.

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