Friday, 15 March 2013

Crying in the spring

Another random inspiration we have:

Crying Stone, Luba Zhukova. Poznan.
Crying in the Spring.

It seem almost impossible that such different things exist at the same time, it's like matter and antimatter.
The Spring just approaching and successfully fighting Winter away and me, just approaching depression and not so successfully fighting Her away.
And add to that some anger, not jealously, just plain anger at the Spring, at the reawakening nature, at the universe at large and at everyone; how can they be so indifferent, if not even happy when i'm feeling so bad ?
I knew it could end like this, it happened to me and many others before and it will happen to me and many others again, just like Spring has and will. I hope i will love again, i just have to cry a little before that.

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